Chris Schopfer, President

Chris joined AHT in 2002, after eight years as an outside director. He previously spent 13 years with GE, as VP energy finance; VP six sigma; and in materials sales & marketing. He served sixteen years in the Army Corps of Engineers and Special Operations. Chris holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, a BS degree (nuclear engineering) from West Point, and is a US Army Command & General Staff College graduate.

Douglas Rogers, Vice President

Doug handles AHT’s commercial matters and is our lead metallurgist. He served as president of Industrial Metal Treating from 1992 to 1996, and worked previously as heat treating in-line supervisor with Bendix Aerospace Fluid Power Division, overseeing multiple metallurgical processes, including welding, micro-brazing, blast plating, bur bending, tumbling, and forging. Doug studied metallurgy at Temple University.

Subrata Kumar, Vice President Emeritus

A degreed metallurgical engineer, Suby is primarily responsible for transition of Baltimore Heat Treat’s customers’ work to AHT’s facility in Wilmington. He served as vice president and general manager of Baltimore Heat Treat for eleven years, capping a 40-year career with the company.

Richard Cooper, Plant Manager

A 33-year AHT veteran, Rich has been plant manager since 1992. He previously served as shop foreman, and has served in every position in the shop. He has extensive training the heat treating profession.

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